A Beautiful Mind

**The book is even better!

Extra Credit

Psychological Disorders_A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind: (a beautiful chance to switch out 2 grades for EC)

1) Write a 500 word description of Professor Nash's symptoms, , cite examples from the film.

2) Identify his diagnosed medical condition, cite examples from the film. (100 words)

3) Describe one of the approaches used to treat his illness, cite examples from the film. (100 words)

4) How does the film show the medical treatment of the “day” (1950-1960’s) as compared to current times (2011) – (100 words)

5) Write a 500 word reaction to the film—what did you like? What you enjoy? What did you not enjoy? How does the film do depicting the various details surrounding schizophrenia? Cite examples from the film.

The movie is fantastic, and based on a true story. Enjoy!

Extra Credit DUE 3/16/14 - VIA EMAIL ---- RE: Beautiful Mind EC

Chronic vs Acute

Chronic/process- When schizophrenia is slow to develop recovery is doubtful. Such schizophrenics usually display negative symptoms.

Acute/reactive- When schizophrenia rapidly develops recovery is better. Such schizophrenics usually show positive symptoms.

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A Beautiful Mind - The Documentary John Nash