Guidance: Making the Change

Volume 1: Issue 1

Nine Ways to Inner Peace

1. Make Time for Stillness

Quiet time has shown to be able to rewire a stressed the brain to a relaxed brain

2. Pursue Meaning Over Pleasure

Eudaimonic happiness (that which is linked to having a larger purpose or sense of meaning) was linked to a lowering in the inflammatory gene expression and higher antiviral and antibody expression vs Hedonistic happiness ( seeking pleasure without meaning)


Reading a good book helps lower stress, helps you sleep better, keeps your brain sharp, and also staves off Alzheimer's

4. Let It Be, Let It Be

Sweating the small stuff is toxic to your mind- it has been shown to be a contributing factor in the development of depression

5. Flex Your Memory Muscle

Challenge your brain- learn something new, just for the fun of it. If your challenge your memory muscle you will reduce your chances of the on set on age related demensia.

6. UnPlug and ReCharge

Over reliance on technology has been linked to increased stress levels, reduced focus and productivity, stunted creativity, and poor sleeping quality.

7. Let Your Mind Wander

A great creativity booster that will make, according to the latest research, smarter. Letting your mind wanderis an adaptive trait tha thelps us achieve personally meaningful goals and helps us to access spontaneous forms of cognition such as insight, intuition, and the triggering of memories and stored information. (S. Kaufmann NYU)

8. Linger on the Positive

Lingering on positive moments can help your brain overcome it's negativity bias. Negavitivey bias causes us to store future negavite memories more easily than positive memories

9. Build Daily Rituals

This is one of the best ways to make any positive change in your life.