Spaulding HS School-Family Compact

SHS Mission Statement

Spaulding High School community's mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and motivating environment to promote the best current methods of teaching and learning.

We value education and offer it in a variety of ways to meet the needs of all students, enabling them to become respectful, responsible, knowledgeable, confident, healthy, and ethical global citizens. We are committed that all students will receive the support necessary to achieve these goals and expectations.

To help our students meet the goals set forth in our mission statement, the school staff will:

· Provide a variety of courses for learners with differing abilities and interests

· Provide a safe and respectful school community

· Establish high expectations for all learners

· Provide supports to help struggling learners, to include but not limited to:

o Academic Advisory

o Teacher Help – before & after school

o Homework Club & Math Tutorial

o EST / 504 / IEP Supports

· Communicate with families regularly

· Maintain open lines of communication

· Provide options for students beyond graduation requirements

To help our students meet the goals set forth in our mission statement, we ask parents/guardians to:

· Support students in attending school regularly

· Encourage students to seek help when necessary

· Communicate with teachers, counselors, case managers in support of their child’s education

· Regularly check student progress

· Encourage students to participate in co-curricular and/or athletic activities

· Encourage students to actively participate in his/her learning

· Discuss and support appropriate attire and behavior expectations

For students to meet the goals set forth in our mission statement, we ask that they commit to:

· Actively participate in his/her learning

· Actively participate in other aspects of the SHS community – as a community member, in co-curricular activities and/or athletics

· Respect themselves and others. This is evident by:

o School Appropriate Attire

o Appropriate Behavior

o Appropriate Use of Communication & Language

· Attend school