What's Your Type?


People with my type ..

1) Put other peoples needs before ours.

2) Consider other peoples feelings.

3) Are kind people.

Do these characteristics describe me ?

Do these characteristics describe me ?

1) Yes. If my nephew is hungry and I only have one cookie I would give him the cookie instead of me eating it myself.

2) Yes. I always think about what I say or do in front of other people. Words and actions can hurt people. I don't like when people hurt my feelings so I wouldn't purposely hurt someone's feelings.

3) Yes. I love seeing people happy. I will do things to make sure people are happy. I'd rather other be happy than myself being happy.

Career Choices

  • Social work
  • Nursing in our work.
  • Dental Assistance

Learning Style? We ask ourselves if what we are learning will help us in our work. If it does help us we are more interested in learning. We easily take in material when somebody gives us examples of how it can be used. We also have a high degree of tolerance.

Famous People?

Queen Elizabeth II of England
Robert E. Lee
Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary") of England

Common Traits? We make a decision based on emotion. We believe information we receive directly from the external world. We organize all of our life events and, as a rule, sticks to our plans