Mi Vida en Colombia

Family Income

My father is a lawyer. In Colombia, the average salary of a lawyer is $30 million Colombian pesos. $30 million Colombian pesos is equivalent to $10,400 USD.


In Colombia, Mi familia would live in Poblado. Poblado is a neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia. It is very beautiful and similar to Los Angeles or Miami.


Mi familia would live in an apartment. This apartment would cost $20 million Colombian pesos.


My family would own one car: a used 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe. This car costs $6 million Colombia pesos.


I would be homeschooled. My mom would be fit to teach me because of her teaching background.


I would learn math, history, spanish, biology, physics, and english. My schedule would be very relaxed. During the week, I would study from 9:00 am to 4:00 am, and I would have free time for the rest of the day. On weekends, I would not study at all.

Extracurricular Activites

I would play soccer during my free time. I would play on a junior soccer club in my area.

Activities with Friends

With my friends, I would play soccer during the week. On the weekends, we would go to the movie theater together.

Driver's Liscense

I would not have a driver's license because my family only has one car. For transportation, my mom would drive me to place I need to go.


For breakfast, I would eat cereal. For lunch, I would go to Restaurante Mondongo's and I would order Mondongo soup. For dinner, my mom would make pork tamales and flan.

Grocery Store

For groceries, my mom would shop at Éxito.


My family would shop at Centro Comercial Santa Fé. My mom would buy me Levi's jeans and t-shirts that I would wear every day. In Colombia, Levi's jeans costs $164,380 Colombian pesos, which is equivalent to $57 USD. In America, an average pair of Levi's jeans costs $230,000 Colombian pesos ($80 USD). So, it these jeans are cheaper in Colombia than they are in America.

National Celebrity

I would (and do) like Shakira and would always listen to her music.


I would listen to Shakira's music. One song by Shakira that I would listen to is "La Tortura."
Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz - La tortura English/Spanish lyrics - YouTube


My family would vacation in Palomino, Colombia. Palomino has beautiful beaches and clear ocean water.