Sora Single Sign-on

All Questar III Regional Schools ∙ March 2020

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Your New Upgraded Sora (previously OverDrive) Experience

Recently, the Questar III School Library System worked in conjunction with your district's Technolgy Department to upgrade your OverDrive sign in experience.

Previously students and teachers were required to create and use login credentials in order to use OverDrive.

Now, all students and faculty have access to single sign-on with Sora using their school email accounts.

It is super easy for all ages!

What's the Difference?

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Overdrive & Sora

OverDrive is a digital library offering both ebooks and audiobooks for the students and teachers of the Questar III region, anytime, anywhere! Sora is the new user-friendly app that lets you access it through your laptop, phone or tablet.

The Sora app was designed around the modern student reading experience. It empowers students to discover and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from their school, for both leisure and class-assigned reading.

Can I use my old OverDrive URL?

No, please use this link: or the Sora App.

Can I still use my old username & password to sign in?

No, old usernames and passwords have been deleted. Please sign in using your school email credentials.

How to sign in using Single Sign-on

Step 1 (we will use Coxsackie-Athens as an example school)

Step 2

Choose your school from the dropdown menu.
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Step 3

Click the "Sign in using YOUR SCHOOL NAME" green button and sign in using your credentials.
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Step 4

You are in! Proceed as you normally would.
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Using the Sora App

If you would like to use Sora on a phone or tablet, please follow the directions below.
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Sora How To Overview

Sora Educator Resources

OverDrive Listen for Sora

It allows users to borrow audiobooks and listen to them right in their browser – no downloads or software required.

Dyslexic Font

Standard typefaces are often difficult to read for students with dyslexia as the letters are hard to differentiate and words tend to jumble together. Dyslexic fonts provide greater contrast in letters which solves this problem.

OverDrive Read for Sora

Read instantly in any modern browser

Multilingual Interface

This dynamic translation tool allows your OverDrive-powered website to be viewed in nine languages, giving students the valuable opportunity to practice applying a new language in a real-life environment.

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Word to the wise

If your secondary students bemoan the Sora icon and think it "babyish", remind them that some of their favorite apps, like Snapchat and Waze, use very similar icons.

Sora Webinar Presentation

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Download graphics and videos to share on your school and library website, social media, emails, and more. Check out the Promoting OverDrive at Your School webcast for tips and tricks to reaching students on their socials.
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OverDrive Student Privacy Resources

For Google schools that have not yet introduced Sora, please know...

While Google authentication is supported through the OverDrive app on your mobile device, it does require enabling a new setting on your device. The OverDrive app, and many other apps, use the WebView UI to perform web browser functions from within apps. In late 2016, Google disabled the ability to initiate OAuth requests via the WebView UI. As a result of this change, we added the feature to allow GoogleOAuth requests to be routed to the device's native browser.

These settings only need enabled once on each device, but please note you do not need to complete these steps if accessing your collection using Sora.

Android - OverDrive v3.7.4

1. Go to Home menu > Settings.

2. Enable the option "Sign in using web browser."

When this setting is turned on, users with newer versions of Chrome display the sign-in page in-app, while others (with old versions of Chrome or a different browser altogether) will be kicked out into their (external) web browser to sign in.

iOS - OverDrive v3.7.5

1. Go to Home menu > Settings.

2. Enable the option "Sign in with Safari."

When this setting is turned on, iOS 11 users will be prompted then the sign-in page will slide up, and iOS 10 (and older) users will kicked out into their (external) Safari browser for sign in and then brought back into the app.

We highly recommend using the Sora App (not the OverDrive app).