How to purchase iOS/Mac Apps

With your Campus Budgets

Step 1

Fill out and get App approved through Eduphoria. Click here for the instructions on how to enter

* But first check here to see if we already have the app

Step 2

Send the request to the person that does the purchasing for your campus

Step 3

Bookkeeper then does a requisition for the apple credit.

What the requisition should look like:

Creating a requisition:

Big picture

**Make sure that in the long description you put who the credit will be going to, so that when the purchase order is created I can send to the person that handles the spreadsheet. Also in long description please add this email address to it

***Additionally make sure that you put what the App is that you will be purchasing in Justifications

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Always make sure you attach the quote that you got from Educational Technology Secretary
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Make sure that the budget object is 6396 and the sub is 04, this is where the money needs to come from
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Step 4

Once you submit the requisition and you get the purchase order back you will submit the purchase order to They will in turn send us the credit and we can submit to correct department.