Battle of Bull Run

It was the blodiest war ever

Battle of bull run

Did you know that there was 2 battles in the battle of bull run they where called the first battle of bull run and the second battle of bull run and there nick name was mannass and guest what we won the battle of bull run and we means the north they won the battle of bull run they where behind at first but then they came up and won the battle of Bull Run.

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Bull run First Battle of Bull Run ( was called First mannssas by the
South) was fought on July 21, 1861.The battle raged back and forth, but finally the arrival of Johnston’s last brigade forced the Federals into a disorganized retreat to Washington.

I picked bull run because it looked really interesting

Battle of bull run is the best battle ever in the civil war and it was the first battle ever did you Know that i don't think you did thanks for listning to my stuff and thanks for looking at my smore project

Bull run

thanks for listening i am going to tell you something the first battle was BULL RUN isn't that amazing

Bull Run Run

i will be talking to you about the stamps of bull run and here is the first one and as it says it was fought in july 21 1861 and here is the other on and i do not now why this is on here and this house is the genrals house from the confredrates and as you can see it was made out of bricks okay here are both of the stamps as you can see there both from bull run and thanks for watching my movive on the stamps of bull run.