WHO AM I?!?!?!

I Am Scott.Simpson. Nick Name Scotty

My hobbies

my hobbies are going on long exploration bike rides with my friends. Playing call of duty ghosts, call of duty black ops 2, GTA 5.

where i was born/lived

chilliwack general hospital. august,5,200. i lived in Chillawack, north delta, Fort Langley, close to Barnsten island, now i live near Fraserwood Elementery.

my idol is the grate brandon semenuk

my main support is my beloved mother


she works for universal traffic control.

favorite color is green.

and loves to watch the first 48 hours

my family is

My mom,My uncle, my grandma, and my close homies.

My favorite foods are





-Ice cream


my favorite type of music/songs


my favorite tv shows

-The Walking Dead

-Family guy

-The Simpsons

-survivor man


- Mountain men

My favorite Sport/Team

-my favorite sport is football

-my favorite team is Seattle Sea Hawks

The most memorable moment as a child was

when i broke my ankle at Disneyland and getting pushed around every where and skipping some lines if i got lucky and a nice person was running the ride.

my favorite recent memory was

shooting my first groose and participating in the field dressing of a moose. FUN STUFF!!!

MY accomplishments

getting my first degree black belt in tikwando.

getting corpral in cadets and going to Vernon Cadet Camp and being recommended for a instructor course instead of a basic course.

i have never

i have never ever been snowboarding and i really want to.

my pets

i have two cats named Simba and kiara.

Simba is a really fat cat his stomach touches the floor when he walks and he literally eats sleeps and poops and meows untill you pet him .

kiara is the sister of simba and skinny sweet cat that also meow tell you pet her.

my favorite movies are

-dirty grandpa

-ride along 1-2

-all loard of the rings

my favourite classes are




my favorite color is