A great place to dine with wine

History of Chambord

Chambord has one of the most famous manor houses in the world. It is located in Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France, it is called Chateau de Chambord. It was started in 1519 by the Valois King Francis and finished in 1547. The king came to throne at only 20 years old. The king was only in the throne for 7 weeks, He died of a heart attack. he built this home to use it as a hunting lodge. After the king died, it wasn't used for a long time. This manor house has 440 rooms, and 365 chimneys ( for each day of the year).

Horse shows

Marshal de Saxe stables at Chambord has presented equestrian performances involving riders who are dressed in period costumes.

Hôtel de la Bonnheure

Just 500 feet from the centre of Bourg, Hotel de la Bonnheure features a prize-winning flower garden. It is less than 6.2 miles from Château de Chambord. It offers a wonderful view from the rooms you would be staying at. You get free wifi, and t.v.

La Cave des Rois

La Cave des Rois is a well known restaurant that is famous for their wonderful wine, and big burgers! It is very well priced, and a wonderful, and welcoming place to sit down, enjoy your food, and take a break from all the sight seeing, and of course enjoy the best wine you'll ever have.
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