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October 28, 2021 Home and School Connection

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School Mass on October 27, 2021

October 27, 2021 School Mass
We will continue to celebrate Halloween this year! Students will wear their costume to school all day. Limited volunteers will be allowed in the school.

Students may be in costume, with the following regulations:

1. Solid color face masks are to be worn as usual- halloween themed face masks are acceptable.

2. They may wear a costume mask OVER their regular mask in the afternoon. Face masks may be removed for the outside parade. If the parade takes place indoors, their regular face mask must continue to be worn with any other masks over

3. Must be able to sit in their costume all day

4. Students must be able to use the bathroom - on their own- all day

5. No weapons or anything that can hurt another person

6. May wear makeup as part of their costume to school but may not reapply make up at school

During the day we will have "DEAD" time!

DEAD time

D drop

E everything

A and


Students will hear Halloween music throughout the day for everyone to stop what they are doing and DANCE!

We will have an outdoor parade in the afternoon. Parade will begin at 12:45. 8th grade will judge the parade. Parents may view the parade outside as we pass by!

We are watching the weather. If it should be raining, the parade will be held indoors.Parents may come into the gym to view the parade. Please make sure you are masked and remain socially distanced.

Each classroom has planned an afternoon of activities for our students by their room parents. Students may bring candy to share, however, it must be individually wrapped.

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Can Catholics Do Halloween?

7th and 8th grade will virtually attend Holy Fire on November 5th

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8th grade pumpkins!

Look at these fabulous pumpkins decorated by our 8th grade class! What an amazing amount of creativity and artistry!

I wonder which one will win!!

Protecting God's Children requirements

The Archdiocese of Chicago has established requirements for anyone working or volunteering with our students in school or through school-sponsored organizations, such as athletics. These requirements must be completed before coming to volunteer. They are mixed between online and forms. Please refer to this checklist of requirements. Below is a checklist of the requirements.

***If you have volunteered in the past, your account may be marked as inactive. Please let Mrs. LeTourneau and she will contact the Archdiocese to reactivate your account. You must have an active account and all requirements completed before volunteering**

_____ Virtus / Keeping the Promise Alive session - this may be completed online currently. Usually, they are held in person. After a few years, the Archdiocese triggers a continuation of Virtus called Keeping the Promise Alive.

_____ Complete Background Check - Criminal background check run through VIRTUS online as part of the VIRTUS registration process. Rechecked every three years through VIRTUS

_____ CANTS 689 form - Yearly check of the central registry of Department of Children and Family Services. This should be turned into the school to be documented on your account. This is completed annually. Please do not mail it in.

_____ Mandated Reporter Training - Mandated Reporter Training from the State of IL training website. This must be renewed every three years. Please send a copy of your certificate to the school to be documented in your account.

_____ CANTS 22 form - Paper form acknowledging meant your Mandated reporter training

_____ Archdiocese Standards of Behavior, formerly known as the "Code of Conduct" This is a paper form signed annually.

_____ Please remember that to volunteer, we need a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card or a negative COVID test, completed within 72 hours of volunteering performed by a 3rd party, such as a doctor's office or pharmacy. Home tests are not acceptable. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must be 2 weeks past the last dose of the vaccine. This is not a requirement of Protecting God's Children, rather it is a requirement from the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools.

Please see below for all quick links to these requirements.

Protecting God's Children - Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers must meet all these requirements to volunteer with children in our parish and school. Click on each one for more information.

Is your child vaccinated for COVID-19?

In order to make a possible positive COVID case go smoothly, we would appreciate a picture of your child's COVID -19 vaccination card. Please email to covidvax@divineprovidenceschool.org

Traveling out of state? We need to know**...

We follow the Chicago Emergency Travel Order, which is updated every Tuesday, for domestic travel regardless of whether the traveler resides in the city of Chicago, Cook County or Lake County. ​​​​​​​

Domestic travelers to an “Orange state” on the Chicago Emergency Travel Order mapmust adhere to:

  • 10-day quarantine upon return OR
  • Pre-arrival negative test (within 72 hours prior to return arrival to the state) with strict masking, physical distancing and avoidance of in-person gatherings (separate from school attendance). Any test administered by a 3rd-party is sufficient; however, a self-administered test is not acceptable. Archdiocesan schools should accept any negative test prior to school attendance including tests upon return to the state.

**Please watch your email as this may be subject to change

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Know someone who needs assistance?

There are many reasons people may need help right now. Maybe it's job loss or illness. Whatever the reason for the need, the Society of St. Vincent De Paul can help.

If you, or anyone you know, could use some help, please call the Divine Infant Rectory 708-865-8071 or the Divine Providence Rectory 708-562-3364

All information is kept strictly confidential.

Phone Number for Extended Care (To call or text during extended care hours) 773-682-6196

October and November Lunch Menu *

10/29 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

11/1 Cheese Pizza

11/2 Chicken Tenders

11/3 Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

11/4 Pizza Crunchers

11/5 Nacho Combo

11/8 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

11/9 Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl

11/10 Italian Cheese and Garlic Cheesy Pull Aparts

11/11 Hot dog


11/15 Mini Corn dogs and pretzel bites

11/16 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

11/17 Meatball Pizza Sub

11/18 Chicken tenders

11/19 FSA is providing pizza for all students! Thank you!

11/22-26 NO SCHOOL

11/29 Pizza Dippers

11/30 Cinnamon French Toast

* Subject to change, please see the note below from FSP, our lunch supplier.

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