By: Alec White

The Process of Nike

The process of Nike all began in the early 1960's in the small town of beavertown, Oregon. Nike was first called blue ribbon sports because when the owner Phillip Knight went to Japan he needed a name for his company. In the beggining he bought shoes named " tiger " in Japan. Then later he put the Nike logo on the shoes and called them his shoes. And now

The History

In the 1960s phillp knight was doing a term paper on designing a and selling track shoes. And then phillp knight knew he wanted to start a company. The company nike was made a small town called beavertown, oregon. In 1962 the oregon track coach, phillip knight , and bill bowerman all put inn $500 dollars to import shoes for nike.

The impact

Something that nike has changed is the impact on the athletic market. And without it your shoes just might be adidas or reebok. Like in 1965 adidas was the only company who sold track shoes and nike came in and changed that. Additionally it has made lots of people have jobs worldwide. Nike has 44,000 employees worldwide.

The people behind nike

The person who created nike was a man by the name of phillp knight. Later a man named bill bowerman came along to co-found nike. Both of the men loved to run track and run outdoors. Additionally both of the owners went to the university of Oregon. And since phillp knight and bill bowerman have become multi billionairs.

The product

Nike has made lots of athletic gear over the years sports balls, gear, water bottles, watches, etc. Nikes best seller is there shoes because many athletes endorse their shoes and they make custom shoes for athletes. The product is endorsed by athletes like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Paul George. The shoes are most important because athletes endorse them.
Together | LeBron James
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Michael Jordan is one of nike's biggest endorsers.
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Philip Knight (left) bill bowerman (right)