How to remove makeup properly ?

By : KAS

Dear KAS,

Hi I'm Linda I'm 16 years old and I have really bad acne . I live in Los Angeles , NY where a lot of girls my age wear make - up . I'm trying to go to prom with my boyfriend and when we dance I don't want him to see a my blemishes . My mom says I'm not cleaning my face properly. How do I clean it properly ? Help please !!

Signed , Acne Queen .

How to remove makeup properly ?

Dear Linda,

Hi this is KAS , a lot of teens your age have acne . So what you should do is lay off the makeup for a while . Use good non oil based facial cleaners like proactive, and clinic . Than use small lotions like baby lotion by Johnson Johnson . Okay now since you don't know how to clean your Face properly this is how :

1. Wash your face with clean And clear morning burst is a good one for morning and night .

2.for eyes use products ment for eyes . Do not use baby wipes not good at all .

Sincerely, KAS