Stay in School

For a Brighter Future

How many kids actually graduate, how many dropout? Why do they? How can we prevent it from happening?
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What does it cause?

Do you know how many students drop out each year? Well the exact amount is 1.2 million per year. That means 25% percent of students fail to graduate school. Those dropouts on average make $19,000 each year, while graduates make $28,000 on average. Plus college grads make $51,000. The country with the best education is Finland. While here in the U.S. Iowa has the highest at 89.7% and Oregon at the lowest with 68.7%. The rate of dropouts since 1990 for males lowered from 12% to 7%, for females 12% to 6%. Some people have figured out the signs of students before they drop out. The first one is they have to care for family either they are a parent or have to care for their parents/guardians or siblings, the next one is the get bored of school because it’s too easy, and more. Those that figured out the signs have notified schools to prevent more dropouts. So please help prevent the loss of education.

How do I prevent it?

Positive Way: A way I am going to stop it is warn others and help people around me from not dropping out. If we stop dropouts our world can be smarter, and our economy will grow because people will finish school and they can get farther in their jobs.

Negative Way: Another way I'm going to stop it is warn people what will happen if to many drop out to them and maybe others. If people don't finish their schooling it is harder to get a job higher up to earn more money.

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