Fight the Feed!

By Audrey Brown

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Feed by M.T Anderson genre- Science fiction

Messsage- Be imaginative, and think for yourself!


"A chip in my head, I'm better off dead!"


Imagine not having your own unique brain, but instead you have a little chip inserted in your head called “the feed." The feed is a chip inserted in your head, stringing internet connections straight to your brain, like millions of social networking sites all in your brain. Sounds great right? That's not what Violet thinks when Titus, your average kid, meets her on a boring spring break trip to the moon. Violet believes in other things that Titus never thought of, like being against the feed. And believe it or not, other people are starting to believe this too. For example citizens are beginning to protest the feed, shouting “A chip in my head, I’m better off dead." Titus doesn't know if he agrees yet, but drawn in by Violet's beauty, there's no way he can say no to an adventure. But there is a price to pay to believe in what the whole nation does not. After being assaulted by a frightening hacker, Violet and Titus are confused as the hacker messes with their feed connection. Will you fight the feed or will you let a tiny chip in your head make all of your important decisions for you?