Title I Bulletin

Madison County Schools

Pre-K Staff Development

There will be a Pre-K staff development session on Friday, April 15, 2016. The session will be held at the Career Technical Center between the hours of 12:30 - 3:00 p.m. and all Pre-K teachers, aides, and auxiliary assistants are expected to attend. To receive professional development credit hours, participants should log in to STIPD using #TRC1534. Attendees should be prepared to share the implementation of a strategy, resource, activity, technology tool, song, and/or idea that was learned at the Pre-K Conference (January). A desire to disseminate handouts to the group is acceptable. :-)

ACIPs Reopened during Budget Amendment Period

Principals, your Alabama Continuous Improvement Plans (ACIP) have been reopened and will remain open until April 28, 2016. Why were you given new access to your plan? As you know, it is time for you to review your Title I and OSR Development budgets to ensure that funds are spent according to your school's Needs Assessment. During the perusal of your budgets, don't forget to anticipate new personnel and consider start up salaries. Also, please remember that any revisions involving Title I funds must be reflected in your ACIP. If it is necessary for you to amend your budget(s), please make sure you send Dr. Jensen a narrative on how you'd like your funds reallocated no later than April 28th.

Instructions for making changes to your ACIP are attached in the email. However, please don't forget that the Portfolio must have a green check mark beside each required component when you complete revisions. Then, click the SUBMIT button that is located in the bottom right corner of the page when you're finished. Upon completion, please send me an email to let me know these requirements have been fulfilled and I'll click the APPROVAL button on your ACIP to indicate you've officially resubmitted the plan as the last step.

REVISED Pre-K Spanish Family Information Form

A revised Spanish version of the Pre-K Family Information Form was disseminated to applicable school districts. As you know, the referenced form should be included in your Pre-K registration packets. The first two pages of the previous form was accurate. However, it was missing the third page. The attached form has all three pages. Administrators, please make sure the revised Spanish version of the Family Information Form replaces the existing form.

Important Administrative Deadlines

DECE Workforce Development Scholarship

As a reminder, the Department of Early Childhood Education (DECE) has scholarships available for qualified child care professionals working in early childhood centers/programs. Applicants can obtain CDA, AAS, BS in Child Development or Early Childhood Education from an accredited in-state institution. The eligibility criteria is listed below:

  • Applicant has to live in Alabama
  • Applicant has to be working in an early childhood education setting
  • Applicant must attend an accredited college/university in Alabama
  • Award based on eligibility of funds

Applicants who meet the criteria may access the Work Force Development Scholarship at this link. For further details regarding the referenced scholarship, please refer to the applicable attached documents in the email.

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Enrolling NEW Students in OSR Pre-K Classrooms

Administrators, please be aware that if the enrollment of an OSR Pre-K classroom drops below the required 18 students, you do not have to actively recruit (i.e. flyers, emails, announcements, websites) to fill the vacant spot after April 1st. HOWEVER, you should fill the empty seat(s) if a new student enrolls OR there are students on the waiting list. Please contact Dr. Jensen or me if there are questions regarding enrollment guidelines for OSR students.

GOLD Checkpoint and Parent Conference Form

Pre-K teachers, auxiliary assistants, and aides are already cognizant that OSR guidelines dictate that parent conferences must be held after completing the final GOLD Checkpoint. However, the final GOLD Checkpoint occurs on May 23rd and the last day of school is May 24th. To alleviate the challenges the short window causes, the OSR specialists will allow classrooms to begin finalizing on May 6th IF teachers, auxiliary assistants, and/or aides have the required amount of documentation.

OSR Pre-K classrooms are strongly encouraged to use the GOLD Parent Conference form. According to Jenny Copeland, North Alabama Regional Director, the form is developmentally appropriate, tied directly to Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool Children, and is customizable. Therefore, we strongly encourage the Title I Pre-K teachers to utilize the same parent conference form for continuity purposes. However, if a different parent form has already been utilized OR parent conferences have already been conducted (in Title I Pre-K classroom), applicable teachers should simply let Dr. Jensen or me know. The following links will be helpful if this is the first time the GOLD Conference form has been used in classrooms:

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Calendar of Events

Administrators, Pre-K teachers, aides, and auxiliary assistants - please make note of the following upcoming dates and/or events that are applicable:

  • April 11 - Pre-K Lesson Plans Due
  • April 15 - Deadline for Sending Date and Time of Random Drawing
  • April 15 - Pre-K Staff Development Day, STIPD#TRC1534
  • April 28 - Title I Budget Amendment Deadline
  • April 28 - OSR Development Budget Amendment Deadline
  • April 28 - Deadline for Making Changes in ACIP (Due to Budget Amendments if applicable)
  • April 29 - Deadline for Submitting Revised School-Parent Compacts
  • April 29 - Deadline for Submitting Revised Parent Involvement Plan (if applicable)
  • May 3 - Hazel Green Elem. School Reflection Projection, 8:30 - 11:30
  • May 3 - Walnut Grove Elem. School Reflection Projection, 12:30 - 3:30
  • May 5 - New Market Elem. School Reflection Projection, 12:30 - 3:30
  • May 5 - Madison Co. Elem. School Reflection Projection, 8:30 - 11:30
  • May 6 - Sprouting for Success: North Alabama Infant/Toddle/Preschool Conference, UAH
  • May 10 - Madison Cross Roads Elem. School Reflection Projection, 8:30 - 11:30
  • May 10 - Sparkman Middle School Reflection Projection, 12:30 - 3:30
  • May 11 - Title I District Parent Committee Meeting @ TRC, 9:00 - 11:30
  • May 11 - Federal Programs Advisory Committee @ TRC, 12:30 - 2:30
  • May 12 - New Hope Elem. School Reflection Projection, 8:30 - 11:30
  • May 12 - Owens Cross Roads Elem. School Reflection Projection, 12:30 - 3:30
  • May 17 - Classroom Summary Waterford Reports Due (Pre-K teachers)
  • May 23 - Teaching Strategies GOLD Checkpoint Deadline
  • May 24 - GOLD Individual Child Reports Sent Home to Parents (Pre-K teachers)
  • July 27 - Alabama Early Childhood Conference, Albertville, AL

Important GOLD Reminders

Kudos are given to Pre-K teachers, auxiliary assistants, and aides for utilizing videos, notes, On-the-Spot Observations Recording Tool, and/or photos to document daily student performance in Teaching Strategies GOLD. As future documentation continues, the Pre-K collaboration team should be cognizant of several reminders:

  • Collecting 2 pieces of documentation daily, per teacher/auxiliary assistant/aide is a MINIMUM requirement. Please make sure there is adherence to this guideline. It is feasible and acceptable to collect more each day. Of course, there may be days when it is not possible to document for a variety of reasons.

  • Don't forget to use the GOLD Dimension Charts to plan lessons purposefully. For instance, if a student has 4 pieces of documentation in one objective (perhaps Literacy 15a) and 0 pieces of documentation in other Literacy objectives, this is an indication that a student's growth is not being considered when lesson plans are being developed. There will be further discussion regarding usage of the referenced charts.

  • The number of entries for both teacher and auxiliary assistant/aide should be comparable. On any given day one might have more to enter than the other but generally teachers should have more documentation. We would not want to see either teacher having twice the number of entries of the other.

  • The best documentation comes from collaboration, purposeful planning, and valuing the quality of documentation over the number of entries.

  • Focus should include all Areas, including Science and Technology, Social Studies, and the Arts (exclude Spanish Language, Spanish Literacy, and English Language Acquisition).

  • There should be evidence of documentation to support the level assigned to each child based on your observation.

  • Each documentation should focus on 3-5 objectives or dimensions for the group of children or individual child observed.

Alabama Early Childhood Conference

The 8th Annual Alabama Early Childhood Conference will be held on July 27, 2016 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The event will be hosted by Big Spring Lake Kindergarten School in Albertville, Alabama. This is an easy and affordable way for Pre-K - 2 faculty and staff members to receive high quality professional development. Registration forms can be found at www.neaecc.weebly.com.

Sonya's Corner

Sonya Daffron, the OSR North Alabama Region 2 Pre-K Coach, disseminates consistently a wealth of instructional resources, and/or strategies for Pre-K teachers, auxiliary assistants, and aides. They are GREAT ideas! Listed below are a few of the tips she has shared very recently (Direct quotes used):

Resource 1 - Spring Activities and PreKinders: Earth Day Songs - This link is a great visual or prop to use with the song and could be moved to the music area for more fun! Another great activity can be found at this website.

Resource 2 - The 'Open Ended Questions' attachment would be great to laminate and post around the classroom for a visual reminder throughout the day, especially during read alouds and when you are interacting and playing with the children during Free Choice Centers.

Resource 3 - A picture of a computer program that a teacher in another school system uses to introduce a new word to the children each day is also attached. Sonya believes this will be a wonderful idea to develop vocabulary and language skills.

Resource 4 - Great links to ideas for WEATHER and weather in dramatic play. This could also be used as a part of the morning routine with your weather helper (i.e. Giving a weather report using the map or props and symbols for weather):

Resource 5 - Here are two science experiences your kids will love, but they're also super easy to do and jam-packed full of opportunities for learning. If you've ever grown beanstalks with your kids you know it's something they will never forget; the excitement and anticipation are palpable!

Resource 6 - Here's the latest and greatest from the Pre-K blog: