Comparing and Contrasting Genres

Looking at similar themes and topics in different genres

Part 2: Choose an activity

Two text choices:

Choice 1: short story and poem

Choice 2: historical fiction and fantasy

Click on one of the tabs below and follow the directions.

Part 3: Guided Practice

Read over the texts on the link that you chose.

Click on the link titled Topics and read the guided notes

Click on the link titled Theme and read the guided notes


Part 4: Guided practice 2 with a partner

Read the poem "Change" on p. 215 in the textbook

Get a document from the circle table. Follow the directions and show a teacher after each part.

Part 1: Topics:

Remember we talked about topics when we talked about theme. Use the blue theme book if you need to. The theme topics are listed at the top.

Part 2:

You are looking at what the AUTHOR did to develop that topic. What strategies did he use? What did the author do to teach you about that topic? Did they use word choice? Think about the characters, setting, and other elements of the story.

Make a list of 2-3 strategies the author used to help create that topic.

Part 3: Theme

Do they two texts share a theme or do they each have a different one?

Use the blue book to find themes.

Support with evidence.

Paste on ISN 22 when you are done

Part 5: Practice with a Partner

Click on the word practice at the bottom of the page. This will take you to two stories with questions for practice.

Open a new window. Open a new google document

Copy and paste the link for this activity on the google doc

Answer the questions on the google doc

Keep this doc in your ELA folder

Both of you need to complete this activity.

Show a teacher when you are done.

Part 6: Helpful Hints

Readers need to be able to look at all parts the text and compare/contrast with another text.

1. Determine the character traits of the main character in each text and compare/contrast.

2. Themes

3. The way the characters solve the problem.

4. Ways the author developed the elements of a story.