My experiences with IMovie


Imovie is an editing software like premier pro . It is made by apple . I learned premier pro in media , and I am pretty good at it . I thought that I could go a little more advanced and I try IMovie . In this Presentation you will see the things that I have learned as well as the short film I created using Imovie . I will compare Imovie and premier pro

The things that I learned in Imovie .

Here are somethings that I learned to in Imovie during this project :


Adding Transitions

Adding Music

Adding titles

Precision editor

changing the effects on a clip

muting the background noise ( only needed if you are making a music video or a silent film )

Increasing sound of either the clip or the music

Changing video effects

The bolded words are the things that I am going to talk about in this presentation .


Editing in Imovie is kind of hard . You have to select the part of the clip that you want to cut and click delete . Its is hard to get a perfect cut . I think that editing in Imovie is a little more complicated than Premier pro . I hope that in a future Imovie update , the editing will be a little easier .

Adding transitions

Adding transitions is similar to adding transitions in premier pro . You go to the transition tab and you drag the transition you want to the place you want it to be . I think that it is quicker to apply a transition in Imovie as opposed to premier pro because all you have to do in Imovie is click on the button on the right middle side of the screen which looks like two triangles in a box and select the transition that you want and drag it to the place that you want it to be .

Adding music

Adding music as simple and easy to find as transitions in iMovie. You go to the same place ware you would go to find the transitions tab and you click on the button which looks like a music note .One problem in adding music in Imovie is that you can only import music in Itunes .

Adding titles

Adding titles is much easier ( in my opinion) in Imovie than premier pro . The titles button is in the same place as the transitions and the music . You can choose the type of title that you want - still , rolling etc .You also choose a background for the title . After you are done making the title that you want just drag it above the video that you want it to be in .

My project

Attached is a copyrighted remake of the EMAC FILM FESITVAL MIDDLE SCHOOL DIVISION WINNER - BOXBOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!