Quotes 101

Knowing what, when, where, why, and how about quotes!


A quotes is to repeat or copy from another form of work i.e. book, website, etc. The key words would be REPEAT and COPY, this mean not of your own work. It is so important that we give the author credit.


  • Quotes CANNOT just be thrown into a paper anywhere. In order to have an effective paper, one must use limited amount of quotes. Use quotes when they will really support your thesis, and are not just a paper filler.
  • Less is more with quotes. Long quotes need to be used sparingly, not as the whole paper.


Quotes are a great hook for your reader, and supports your thesis with solid evidence.


Don't throw quotes in randomly with no introduction or commentary. This is vital in telling your reader why you have inserted this quote in, why this particular quote, and how this supports your thesis. Be thorough in your explanation

Questions you need to ask yourself about your quotes!

Need help???

Here is a link to a video that can explain more about getting a quote to flow in your paper!