Cold war events

fraquon harry ms wylie class

1. salt

1, The cold war often dated from 1947 to 1991, was a sustained state of political and military

2. talks about limiting weapons

3.If there is alot of weapons , more wars

2. Superpowers

1. America was the capitalist superpower and the USSR (Russia) was the communist superpower.

2. shows the two superpowers facing off

3.If russia is in control things will be different

3. Arms Race

1. soviet union & union racing for control

2.russian president & united states

3. This is bad because they both have weapons

and they will end up going at it

4. space race

1. The space race was between soviet union and the united states for supremacy in space exploration.

2.race between the united states and soviet union for space

3. They will end up fighting going to war


1, Made by the united states government so we can stay strong

2. If one country falls all of them will

3. A war will break out because one of the countries will want to be still standing