Waters History and Importance

By Amelie Broadbent


Water is the most important thing that we need to have to live. We would die if we didn’t have it!

What is Water?

Water comes from a water cycle. The water we drink today is very old. That it was even around when dinosaurs walked the earth and it is still flowing around. This is because water has a great history. Water has been traveling around in lakes, swamps, dams, rivers, and the ocean

How is water wasted and why?

It is very sad but people around the world are consistently wasting water by putting their sprinkles on for hours. And having showers! This is just aspired

What would happen if we wasted water all the time?

There would be drought and we would die and the whole world would filled with heat and all plants and all the plants and animals would die because of us.

How can we save water and encourage others?

We can encourage others to make our world a better place to in by telling people that if you don’t then you won’t have any water. So if you do you are your world a place when people want to come here they will think that this amazing and if you don’t we will be going the other direction. So if you see someone and they are wasting water when it is not necessary then you tell them the importance of water and how much we need it so please save water and it will make a change.