Good Citizen in the making

Responsibilities and Duties

There is a Definitive difference in American citizens duties, and their responsibilities. But they each play a distinctive role in how our country is run.

Some Duties include:

  • to Obey the Laws
  • Paying taxes
  • Defend the Nation
  • Serve on a jury

Some Responsibilities include:

  • To know what the government is doing
  • Voicing your opinions
  • Voting
  • To hold public office

Who is a U.S Citizen

A United States citizen is a person that was born or naturalized in the United States. The naturalization process to some seems a bit to extreme, but it ensures that all immagrants (Hopeful Citizens) know the history, and the members of government of the country which they are trying to obtain citizenship in. The start of the proccess varies from 5 months to around 2 months after arriving in America.
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How to Become a Citizen

  • Must Be 18 or older
  • Have to live in a state for atleast 3 months
  • Learn the language and history
  • Stay in the U.S
  • Be a decent person
  • Have a permanent residence in the U.S
  • Hold a green card for atleast 5 years

Wyss' Pieces: Citizenship Test

Office of Citizen

Every citizen has the power to elect its representatives, or hold public office. It is good for the citizens , because it allows them the sense that their opinions are being heard. Which makes every citizen feel equally important, which is one of the most important U.S values.
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