Vocabulary Lesson 8

Maddie Ellis

In The Kite Runner, Amir seeks ____________ for abandoning his closest friend in a moment of need.


n. 1. deliverance from sin; atonement for guilt
2. retrieval; reclamation; reformation


restitution, atonement, reparation


condemnation, punishment


emo, emere, "to buy"


redeem v.
redeemer n.
redemptory adj.


-redemption can specifically relate to religion in reference to salvation
-can also refer to return of goods for cash

Which of the following sentences uses redemption incorrectly?

a. Thrift stores such as Plato's closet are considered redemption centers, because the store offers cash for certain used clothing.
b. After a childish misunderstanding and mistake, Briony spent the rest of her life trying to redeem and forgive herself.
c. After failing a unit test, Daisy vowed to achieve redemption by studying hard for the next one.
d. After telling a lie, Amanda wanted nothing more than redemption, so she did her best to just forget about it and move on, never owning up to her mistake.