Keeping up with Klager

for the week of December 14, 2015

Community Education

  • Do you like to play computer games? Did you ever wonder how they were created? Come to our very first Computer Science Club offering and find out how you can create and share your own digital stories! Use the computer to design your own stories, share your animations and learn how technology is used in the film and media industry! This class will teach the basics of computer programming using Scratch. No experience needed!

Drop off

Just a kind reminder that we the student drop off is between 8:00-8:10am.

Box Tops

Our Box Tops collection is going great! Thank you to everyone who has been helping. We have currently collected over $1,000 for our school! We will continue to collect Box Tops to try to meet our schoolwide goal of $4,500. We will no longer be competing as classes, but rather working together towards a schoolwide goal and prize. We have some ideas for prizes; including bringing your furry stuffed animal to school, extra recess, or more!

Keep those Box Tops coming in, we can do this:)

New Kids club