International Clubs

By Ella Bishop

The Variety at Valley

Over the years foreign based clubs have increased in number here Valley. These clubs' increased prominence have allowed for both the school and its students to expand their minds towards outside cultures. Many of these clubs are based off of the current language curriculum, this offers more insight along with dept into what is already offered in class. These clubs are allowing for students to have the opportunity to interact with multiple different cultures and build a positive outlook to what the world has to offer.

International Night

This event is organized by the World Cultures Club every year in which all the different international clubs come together and share their cultures in a grand extravaganza. Each club has their own booth where they do activities such as sharing food and playing games. Each clubs' activity is designed to show off their culture in a fun open environment. Not only is this event fun for everyone involved but it is also allowing students to try and embrace something new.

Classical Cultures Club (Latin Club)

Classical Cultures Club focuses on embracing the Greek and Roman cultures while sharing it to younger generations. Although it is often known as the Latin Club the club consists of much more than just the language, it holds events such as gladiator themed movie nights, banquets, scavenger hunts, barbecues and much more. The club is open to anyone and everyone ready to share these immortal civilizations.

German Club

German club allows all students (whether they be German students or not) to divulge into the Germanic culture. The German club often hosts interactive activities such as taking part in a German meal or enjoying a popular German sitcom. Along with these events they also participate in the International night here at Valley for the last three years where they would bake German goods and share their culture to by goers.

Japanese Club

The Japanese club is focused around sharing Japanese culture to students and having it be apart in their daily lives. This club lets students try new cultural activities such as sharing a traditional Japanese meal ,watching anime or learning how to make origami. This club shares all aspects of Japanese society in through hands on activities making it much more than just a learning experience.

Chinese Lion Dragon Dance Team

This team is focused around the spread of Chinese culture through the traditional lion dragon dance. This is where students use a large lion dragon puppet and makes its movements into an intricate dance. The puppet itself goes over the students bodies and is worked by two students, one as the head and one as the tail. The dance is set to U.S. music making the dance have more of a modern feel while at the same time interesting the viewers more. This clubs ability to share Chinese culture through dance is truly amazing as well as entertaining.

World Cultures Club

This club is designed to bring together all the separate cultures of the world and allow students to be able to enjoy them all. This is best shown through the club's organization of the International night where they bring all the cultures together and represent them through fun activities and displays of culture.

Asian Cultures Club

This club focuses on all Asian cultures but tends to specify on the large Asian populations here at Valley High School. This allows for cultures that are already here at Valley to be better introduced into the student body. The group itself divulges into different cultural events, trying new foods and just assimilating these cultures into peoples' daily lives.

Friends of Foreigners

This group centers around making foreign exchange students feel welcome in Iowa and at Valley. This group allows students to both share their culture and receive information on another person's homeland.Students who participate in this program are able to not only learn about different cultures but experience them first hand. From making new friends to doing fun activities this club appeases both the social and cultural cravings of students.