Power To The Paws

Your local Adopt-A-Walk-A-Thon

Remember Mr.Suttons Walk-A-Thon? Well there's more!

As you all know, Mr.Sutton's 2nd annual Walk-A-Thon is being held this year on April 20th, but this year Power to the Paws will be there! We are raising money for the Paws Shelter Foundation in Hardin County. They are a no kill shelter, and are working to make the lives of all animals in Hardin County better. We NEED your help! At Mr.Sutton's Walk-A-Thon, we will have a presentation rolling the whole time. If you are interested in our group, come watch! Also, there will be pets there for adoption. They need new homes, and most importantly, your love. Of course we will be also selling the Paws Shelter Foundation "Pets Are Worth Saving" bracelets and T-Shirts. As usual the bracelets will be $2.00, and the shirts are $8.00.

That's not all! You didn't think we were going to leave your pets out, did you? Anyone is welcome to bring their pets to join them in the Walk-A-Thon as well as a donation of your choice!!
We look forward to seeing you on April 20th! Don't forget to bring your pets!! (:

Your local leaders for change: Sydney Amos, Caitlin Kowalski, Hunter Serna, Austin Rainwater