Sano Open House

Welcome to Sano's Open House!

Sano is creating a next generation wearables device that can measure your metabolic data. Come take a first peak at our prototype ready for alpha-testing!


6:00pm - Mingle with the Team (snacks and drinks provided)

6:30pm - Introduction to the Sano Wearable

6:40pm - Fireside Chat with Ashwin Pushpala, CEO & Founder

7:00pm - Q&A with Ashwin + Team

7:30pm - Dinner at M.Y. China

Sano Open House

Monday, July 28th, 6pm

925 Harrison St

San Francisco, CA

Caltrain from Palo Alto:

Best options: 4:54 Caltrain from PA (arriving 5:39) or the 5:06 Caltrain from PA (arriving 5:44).

We are a 7-10 minute walk away from the San Francisco 4th and King Caltrain station. After you leave the station, walk north on 4th Street until you see Harrison, then take a left on Harrison Street and keep walking until you cross 5th street. Across Harrison you will see a Select Auto Parking lot. We are the gray building right next to it, at the intersection of Harrison and Merlin Street.

City Public Transport:

There is a MUNI stop right at 5th and Harrison, and the Powell BART station is a 5-minute walk away.


For those driving, street parking will be free, but might be hard to find.


The surrounding areas (especially 6th Street and the intersection between 5th and Bryant) can tend towards the unsavory side, so be aware of your surrounding when you are walking.

Call me at 713-598-6753 if you get lost or have any questions!

Dinner at M.Y. China

Sunday, July 27th, 7:45pm

845 Market St

San Francisco, CA

This is a 10-minute walk from the office!