All About Orthodontics


In order to become an orthodontist one must take four years of schooling at a university, not a community college. During this time, one will take classes in the math in science field mostly. Junior year of college, an aspiring student will take the DAT, (dental admissions test) if a high enough grade is scored then the student will be accepted into dental school when they apply. During dental school, the student will study more specific things in the math and science fields revolving around dentistry in all. The student will then earn their DDS or MDM and if they want to be an orthodontist they have to specialize in it. This means, the student has to apply to very competitive programs, if accepted that is another 2-3 years of schooling. After this, the student will have to work their way up in the world of an orthodontist to own their own practice.


In order to practice, all orthodontists must be licensed by their state. To receive a dental license, candidates must graduate from an accredited dental school, successfully complete the written National Board Dental Examinations and pass state clinical tests.


Orthodontists start out in the lowest percentile and work their way up to the highest percentile. The lowest percentile in the 10% which makes about 78,000 a year, the highest is the 90% and they make 266,240 a year. Being an orthodontist pays well but also requires hard work of schooling and on the job work.

A Day in The Life Of An Orthodontist

The usually starts 30-45 minutes before patients come in at about 8:00am. The orthodontist will check the schedule to make sure any special preparation for patients is done. They usually check their e-mail for messages from patients as they check out the web site. There are many opportunities to serve the community with the dental and orthodontic associations, such as researching new ways to help orthodontics grow. Then the rest of the staff comes and they speak about plans for the day, patients, problems, and other important things to make the day run smoothly. The staff is very important to the main doctor because the staff helps the doctor while the doctor is helping other patients and the staff mainly helps the kids take care of their braces properly. Lunch time is around 12 pm and after that the Orthodontist starts looking after patients with longer appointments, such as getting braces on or off. At this point the business picks up and this is where staff becomes critical. One must enjoy working with kids because most patience are kids and they like to tell you about their day and whatnot. After the rush, the last patients come in around 4:30 and then the office closes. After that, the staff cleans up and everyone looks over x-rays and things they need to improve on. Next they all gather their things and leave and rest to start another day at work!

Why I love Being an Orthodontist


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