Kindergarten Update

October 11, 2015


Thanks to all who have submitted their $40 field trip fee for the school year. If you haven't had a chance to send yours in, please do so as soon as possible...we have to write a check for the pumpkin patch on Tuesday:). If you're not sure if you've paid, let me know and I can check on it for you!

Last Week's Fun...

*We introduced color words as sight words. We'll be reviewing these words for several months with games and activities.

*We continued Topic 4 in math...ordering and comparing numbers 0-10.

*The children practiced using an alphabet chart to help them spell words during Writer's Workshop.

*We reviewed finding the main idea in stories and how to summarize a story.

*We practiced listening for and identifying initial sounds.

*We reviewed listening for and counting syllables in words.

*We had a visit from the Leawood Fire Department!

This Week's Fun...

*The sight words "see" and "on" will be introduced.

*This week is considered "benchmark" week in our reading series. Instead of formal reading lessons, the children will participate in rotations (we've been practicing this) as I assess small groups of students.

*We will learn about labeling as a type of writing in Writer's Workshop.

*We'll finish up Topic 4 in math.

*We'll visit the Faulkner's Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday!

Important Dates...

*Monday, October 12: Purple day

*Tuesday, October 13: Black and white day... field trip to the pumpkin patch...please have your child dress in comfortable layers and shoes that can get dirty. Remember to send a lunch and drink with your child that day...we'll eat at the patch!

*Thursday, October 15: Pink and/or gray day... vision/hearing screening and library check out

*Friday, October 16: No school...end of first quarter (can you believe it) and professional development

*Tuesday, October 20: "Doughnuts for Dad" 7:30-8:30 last names A-M

*Wednesday, October 21: "Doughnuts for Dad" 7:30-8:30 last names N-Z