Sixth Grade Weekly News

September 4, 2015

A Week in Review

This week we continued to build relationships through TeamBuilding and ClassBuilding activities.

We introduced, School Wide, our new reading curriculum. Students are working on building stamina while they're reading to themselves. We also began our Narrative unit in writing and our Rational Numbers unit in math.

We gathered a lot of data through our reading, writing, and math pre-tests. We are using this information to target specific strategies and skills while working with small groups and individuals.

A Peek Into Next Week

Our schedule has been updated to add another first grade class. We have attached the updated schedules below.


Parking Lot

Mr. Scaletta asked us to relay information about the parking lot for parent pick-up. Please remember students will be walked to the first three cars in line. There is no walking between cars for parents that parked in the lot. Also, make sure you turn right out of the parking lot. Thanks for your attention to this matter.


We have updated information on our writing curriculum. Instead of four units, there will now be six units. Each unit will be taught in six weeks.

Science/Social Studies

There have been a lot of changes to our schedule since we saw you last week at curriculum night. Beginning next week, we will have one Science and one Social Studies class for each group. However, the majority of Science and Social Studies will be integrated in Language Arts and Math. For that reason, we will be giving a Pass/Fail grade for Science and Social Studies each quarter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.