CIES Wednesday Envelope

for Elementary Staff--December 9, 2015

In This Issue:

  • Typical Growth Through Text Levels
  • Optional Apple Certified Trainer Led iPad Session
  • Movement Strategies to Activate Students' Thinking

Typical Growth Through Text Levels (Jan Richardson)

The rate at which students typically move through text levels:

Levels A-C kindergarten= 1 level every 1 or 2 months

Levels A-C first grade= 1 level every 2 weeks

Levels D-I (all grades)= 1 level per month

Levels J-O (all grades)= 1 level every 8-9 weeks

Level P+ (all grades) may take longer, the goal is comprehension

Optional Apple Certified Trainer Led iPad Session


Apple Certified trainer led iPad session - Becoming a Power User for Learning and Teaching.

Discover how to make the most effective use of your device as a tool for learning and teaching. Get to know the fundamentals, powerful features, settings, and educational learning resources built into every. (See attachment for more detailed information)


All Licensed Staff who have NOT attended a previous offering of the this specific training.


  • Wednesday January 6th 4:30-7:30 PM


  • Saturday January 9th 8:30-11:30 AM


ESC, check the front desk for exact location

Registration: Keep Certified starting Friday December 11th at 8:00 am. Registration is a first come basis.

Additional Details: Training is voluntary and unpaid. CEUs will be given and light supper will be provided.

5 Strategies to Get Kids Moving and Activate Thinking

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