Reading Diagnostic Score Sent Home

Check your student's Monday folder

Diagnostic Test Results


Please check your student's Monday folder for a half slip that has his or her score from today's test. Keep in mind that this score represents questions being asked on the full 5th grade reading curriculum. The score is not included in the report card average, but gives both you and me vital information on readiness for the next level.

I will be analyzing the data and developing lessons that correspond with types of material we struggled with as a class.

If you would sign the grade slip and return it tomorrow, that would be grand. I want to ensure you have the most up to date information possible on your child's progress.

(Students who were absent today will take the test upon their return to BES.)

Reading Response Journal

Today your student received a reading response journal. Each student is to write a short response each evening as part of the nightly reading homework. It is the 3rd quarter of 5th grade and we need to practice composing answers to questions about our reading. All of life is not multiple choice. It is a life skill to be able to create thought and clearly express our ideas. This journal is to be written in nightly and returned to school daily. Thank you for your support of this system.