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Special Note Regarding Possible Early Childhood Center

While our Facilities Committee developed a framework for what an Early Childhood Center might look like, specifics related to its development would be determined through an Early Childhood Committee. This group would include parents, educators, and community members. If Prop SG were to be approved by the voters, it will be vitally important to include our stakeholders in the Center’s development of specific areas, such as building plan and design, reorganization of our current early childhood programs, before and after school childcare, transportation services, extended school year, and much more.
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Where Can I Find More Information?

1. Dragons Digest — March 2022 Edition

Have you check out the latest edition of the Dragons Digest? The district's newsletter is mailed to homes throughout the county. 🐲


This edition includes… EVERYTHING Prop SG!

❖ Ballot Language, p. 2

❖ Facility Planning, p. 3

❖ Finances, p. 4

❖ Tax Rate, p. 5

❖ Area of Focus — Early Childhood, p. 6

❖ Area of Focus — Ste. Genevieve Elementary, p. 8

❖ Area of Focus — Ste. Genevieve Middle School, p. 9

❖ Area of Focus — Bloomsdale Elementary, p. 9

❖ Area of Focus — Ste. Genevieve High School, p. 10

❖ Area of Focus — Ball Fields, p. 10

❖ Area of Focus — Technology, p. 10

❖ FAQs, p. 11

❖ Voting Information, p. 12

Please note: Voting “yes” supports this bond issue. Voting “no” opposes this bond issue.

Prop SG is a no-tax rate increase bond referendum in the amount of $20 million on the April 5, 2022 ballot. The purpose of this bond issue is to help fund facility needs identified through our district's long-range Facilities Plan. If passed, the bond issue will allow for an Early Childhood Center, as well as accessibility, safety and security, and activities renovations and additions throughout the district. The focus areas listed above are what we hope to accomplish for our students and for our community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email communications@sgdragons.org.

2. Prop SG Webpage

Visit the Prop SG Webpage at https://bit.ly/PropSG!


Spotlight on the Candidates - April 5, 2022 Election

Two positions, each with a three-year term, will be available for the Ste. Genevieve County R-II Board of Education in the Tuesday, April 5, 2022 election. The expiring terms for Board members are Mr. Terry McDaniel and Mr. Richard Rudloff. Six applicants have filed a declaration of candidacy for the Board of Education. In the order of filing, they include: Jamie (Naeger) Ballew, Michael Stoll, Larry Pfaff, Joshua Gettinger, Samuel Barbagallo, and Bradley (Brad) Arnold.

Each year, SGNEA prepares a written questionnaire for Board Candidates to complete. The district then shares these questionnaires with employees and the community. This year, with a larger number of candidates running, it was decided that a Q&A video recording could offer the community more ease of access to the candidates’ stances and backgrounds. The purpose of this Spotlight on the Candidates video is to offer the community an opportunity to learn about the candidates’ stances on issues impacting the school district.

All six candidates were invited to participate in the Spotlight on the Candidates video, and four candidates took part. This Spotlight on the Candidates is facilitated by Southeast MNEA - Retired, and is co-sponsored by the following current and retired education unions and organizations: MNEA, MSTA, ESP, MRTA & PSP.

Accompanying the video are also written questionnaires completed by all six candidates. The election will be held on April 5, 2022. Please see the Spotlight on the Candidates video above, as well as the written questionnaires, below:

Written Questionnaires (In Ballot Order):

If you would like to watch clips of particular questions asked in the video, please see the flyer linked here!