Save The Polar Bears

Abiotic Factors In The Tundra

  • Sun

  • Temperature

  • Water

Biotic Factors In The Tundra

  • Polar Bear

  • Bearberry

  • Caribou

In The Tundra

In the Tundra the temperature is -34° C ( -30° F) and in the summer time it is 3-12 ° C ( 37-54° F). This temperature range enables life in the Tundra. The Tundra has an under-layer of soil which is called permafrost. Permafrost remains completely frozen at all times, this allows little room for deep rooting plants and trees. The Tundra biome is needed because it provides jobs for the mine and oil industry.

How Humans Effect The Tundra

Humans are helping this biome by making oil transporters to do as little damage as possible to the Tundra. They passed a law so that they could protect endangered animals. People have made recycling programs to prevent additional causes to global warming. Humans are harming the Tundra by, overhunting, global warming, oil drilling overdevelopment, and pollution.

Interesting Facts

Polar bears come to the Tundra for the summer where they have their babies.