Amal Clooney

By// Alexus Galaviz

Job Title & Age

Amal Clooney is thirty-seven years old and she is also a lawyer.

Intresting Facts

She is fluent in French,Arabic and English

She has three siblings

Has a husband named George Clooney

Family Life & Background

Amal Clooneys' parents are Ramzi & Baria Alumuddin

Her siblings are Tala, Samer and Ziad Alumuddin

Her husband is George Clooney


Amal was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and studied law at England's Oxford University and the New York University School of Law, according to a bio posted by NYU. Now based in London, she is fluent in French, Arabic and English.

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How She Became A Leader

How Amal Became A Leader

The family settled in London, England in 1980, and Amal attended a small school on the city's outskirts. An excellent student, she earned a scholarship to attend Oxford University beginning in 1996. While there, she developed an interest in human rights and graduated from the institution with a bachelor’s degree in law in 2000.