New DBT Skills Training

Master the updates to the classic DBT skills

The NEW DBT skills are out! Join us to learn skills for the first time, master the new skills, and participate in advanced consultation.

Join Dr. Sheila Crowell as she shares her personal take on DBT skills and DBT case formulation in a three day advanced training course. Dr. Crowell completed her doctoral training at the University of Washington under the supervision of Dr. Linehan. She currently directs a full DBT program at the Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment.

In the first day of this three-part training, Dr. Crowell will teach a fast-paced and engaging DBT skills 101 session. This class is perfect for those who are self-taught and would like to learn advanced teaching techniques, those who are new to DBT, or those who would like a refresher taught by a skills expert.

Day two will highlight all of the updates to the new Linehan skills manual and how to incorporate the new skills into practice. Dr. Crowell has been teaching the new skills throughout their development and can highlight the improvements as well as potential areas of confusion with the new handouts.

Day three is an advanced presentation of skills and consultation. We will invite providers to bring in questions about ongoing DBT groups and/or clients for advanced conceptualization and treatment planning with the group.

Pick and choose which trainings meet your needs or bundle all three and receive a 25% discount on the courses as well as a free copy of the newly released skills training manual and handouts ($70 value)!

CEUs will be available!!

Only 25 slots available per training date, first come, first serve

All trainings will meet at the historic UCEBT building in downtown Salt Lake on Saturday mornings from 9-11:30 with light breakfast provided.

  • November 1: DBT Skills 101
  • November 8: Mastering the New Skills
  • November 15: DBT Advanced Consultation

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How much does the training cost?

Cost of the training is $200 per training session or $450 for all three (book included).

How can I purchase the book?

We will have the book available for purchase at the training or for advanced purchase on our website ( We will have a book pick-up and networking party to celebrate the new skills and help you to network with other DBT providers.

Who does the money benefit?

Money generated from this training and book purchase will go to fund the low-fee student clinic at the Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment.

How can I sign up?

Registration can be purchased on our website at

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The Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment (UCEBT) provides comprehensive outpatient psychotherapy for a range of individuals, including treatment for psychologically and medically complex clients. UCEBT therapists have expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma, managing stress, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, child and adolescent counseling as well as treatments for other mental health issues.