Historical Fiction Book Project

A Historical Newsletter About Your Book

Project Components

  1. Newspaper Title
  2. Book Summary
  3. Character Traits
  4. Turning Points
  5. Spotlight on History
  6. Story's Place in Time

Book Summary

  • A creative headline
  • Identify the author and book title

  • Describe the key plot components: setting, main characters, conflict, climax, and resolution

Character Traits

  • A creative headline

  • Choose a character from your story
  • Identify a TIGER PRIDE trait
  • Support the TIGER PRIDE trait with a specific example from the story. Be sure to use quotes and page numbers from the story.

Turning Points

  • Design a creative headline
  • Produce a visual representation for 3 turning points/main events from the book
  • Include a brief description for each image

Spotlight on History

  • A creative headline
  • Identify 3-6 facts from the story that the author uses to help us understand what life was like during this time period

Story's Place in Time

  • Identify 5 to 8 important historical events that occurred between the setting of your book up to the present day.
  • Organize the events into a timeline.


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