Apps for Mobile Learning

Here are some apps that could be useful to use in the classroom! Give them a look!


Educreations- This app is a way to share ideas between students and teacher. It is an interactive way to present notes to students and has the ability to add pictures and text to the notes. I also like recording feature, this app is inclusive to many learners because of the many tools. In an elementary setting children would be able to use this app to take their own unique notes and I am interested to see what children would create if using this app for a research assignment.

Smalltalk Phonemes- This app would be useful for when children need more help pronouncing letters. When the letter is clicked on it shows a mouth demonstrating the proper articulation. Would be a nice visual for students who need extra practice at forming sounds.

5 Dice- I like how this app is an interactive way to write and work out math problems. I think that introducing this app would be beneficial as it could be used in the classroom or at home. There is also the option of adding additional materials to count along with.

Book Creator- This app can be used to create personal stories with the help of text, pictures and a drawing tool. Students would be able create and use their imagination to display their learning. This app would be useful when doing a group reading and while the teacher reads the students could create their own illustrations for the story!

TED- This app would be suitable for older students, the app would give students access to many TED talks. I think students would enjoy researching through this app and finding interesting videos to supplement their learning.

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