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Happenings around Boone-What a busy week we have had.

Fine Arts Night: FAN was a huge success. I heard there were tons of families here, possibly more than we have ever had. Maria, thanks for all of the time you put into the art, hanging it, preparing activities (hats) and the follow up sharing the art with the school (this will happen Monday at assembly). Chelsey, the program was terrific. And as I said the message of treating others with kindness and how it makes others feel was terrific. Thank you to Amy Negrete, Lauren, Diana, Kirsten, Amie and Christina for helping with food.

Camp Champions-Everybody made it back in one piece. Everyone looked tired due to how much fun they had. Thanks Christina, Paul, Jennifer, Lindsey, Amie, Meg and Erin for attending. I heard you all had as much or more fun than the kids. It is a huge commitment spending the night and I thank you for that.

The Garden Club did an outstanding job this weekend. The beds are just beautiful and the bench is so welcoming. Thank you Kareen, Jennifer, Erin and Kaylee for helping to lead the charge this weekend. Their time and effort benefits the whole school and every child.

Legacy of Giving- Nicole, Chelsey and Maria came up Sunday afternoon with some 5th graders and Nicole's boyfriend to knock out the PSA on healthy lifestyles for the spring Legacy of Giving event. They will show the PSA at an assembly one morning for all to hear.

PPfT Professional Growth and Responsibilities self assessment is due to your primary administrator no later than Friday.

As you have noticed, this week has been super busy in the office with PK3, PK4 and kinder registration. We have had an overwhelming response to PK3 again this year. Marisa has been amazing.

Faculty meeting-We will have our faculty meeting next week on Monday. At this meeting, we will be discussing staffing for next year. TAs please feel free to attend. We will have additional discussions regarding school stuff.

SLO PPfT campus contact- This year, Ginger was our SLO contact for questions related to SLOs. Next year, the district has allocated 2 SLO contacts for Boone. If you are interested in being an SLO contact for Boone, please let me know so I can submit your name. Ginger, you do not have to do the position next year unless you want to. The position will pay $500 if you attend required trainings and meetings.

Building updates-The gate for the PK playground has been ordered but I have no idea when it will come. There will be some work on the building over the summer because our building is sinking. They are going to be putting some dirt somewhere to stop the erosion.

Computers-280 chromebooks will be delievered to Boone on Friday from 10-12. Yea, they are finally here. I have no idea what the check out and allottment to each room will look like. However, we at least have the computers here so we can start making those decision.

Old computers: One thing I see is a lot of is donated computers and netbooks gathering dust in rooms. If you have netbooks that don't work or you want to return, please turn those into Michelle. If you have donated computers you don't want, please take them to the lab so we can get rid of them.

Million Mile Club-Thank you Laura for helping organize the Million Mile group here at Boone. We have a large group of people participating. Way to stay healthy Boone!

Boone PTA gets award!-Our Boone PTA is one of the top 4 finalists for PTA of the Year. What a honor. Nominations were judged by ACPTA and applications were formatted anonymously. They do ROCK. Thank you to everyone for your support of Carnival Friday night from 4-8.

Carnival-We do have a lot of volunteer slots still open. It is my expectation that every staff member help for one hour time slot. if you have not filled one slot go ahead and sign up.

PK3 had a cool vision screening done this week by the Lions Club. It is an electronic way to check the vision of three year-olds that does not require a knowledge of language. Boone was the first school in AISD to have them come. It was a great success and we found some kids that need vision help. Thank you ladies in PK3 for helping to make this event happen.

Calendar for the month

April 7 Thinking Thursday

April 7 Lunch bunch

April 8 TGIF

April 8 Spring Carnival 4-8

April 8 PPfT Professional Growth and Responsibilities due

April 11 Faculty meeting 3pm

April 11-15 Healthy Texas Week- morning announcements

April 11-15 Librarian Week

April 11-15 Week of the Child

April 11 Testing-Bolen/Klataske/Barbosa

April 11 2nd grade field trip

April 11 PK field trip

April 12 ARDs/CSTs

April 12 Lunch Bunch

April 12 Testing-Caterisano/Roquemore/McCarter

April 13 Testing-Lytton/Pena/Suarez

April 13 Lunch Bunch

April 13 Principal meeting

April 13 Girls group

April 14 Lunch Bunch

April 14 Testing-Jacques/Ramos/Williamson

April 14 Climate Committee 3pm

April 15 Face painting PK3/PPCD/PK4

April 15 TGIF

April 15 First grade field trip 10:15am

April 18 AVID Walk Through 9am

April 18 Faculty meeting 3pm

April 19 ARDs/CSTs

April 19 DAC meeting 4:30-6:30

April 19 AAPSA 8:15

April 20 GT selection committee 3pm

April 21 Marisa's birthday

April 21 Thinking Thursday

April 21 CAC meeting

April 21 Kinder field trip 9am

April 21 AVID meeting

April 22 TGIF

April 22 CVT 9-10:30

April 25-29 Secretary's week

April 26 ARDs/CSTs

April 27 PTA bingo night/elections night

April 28 Progress reports go home

April 28 Thinking Thursday

April 29 Final SLO data submission due

April 29 Staff Luncheon