Greek Life

Finding the similarities and difference in Greek culture

Trip to Athens

One our first trip to Athens I noticed several things that are different to me. One of them was the amount of graffiti and trash on the side of the road and on buildings. On top of Mars Hill there was trash littering the ground everywhere. I was surprised because we had just came from a museum that would not even let you get a picture taken with a statue to a hilltop that was covered in trash and spray-paint. It made me interested to see why that is the issue and also look forward to seeing how the other sites in Greece are kept up.


While making my way through markets in Athens I noticed how many people I have seen smoking. Smoking has declined in the US due to its harmful effect and the tax on a carton has increased. In Athens almost one in every five people you pass by are smoking, and that is just at a glance. The ages of people smoking vary too. I have seen a lot of younger people smoking and up to middle aged men. I am interested in seeing how many other people smoke in other places in Greece.

Peloponnese Trip

The Peloponnese Trip was a very informative trip and I learned a lot about the differences in the cultures of the United States and Greece. One thing I noticed was that in all the hotels we stayed in they each had different shower heads and shower set ups. In the United States each bathroom may be set up differently, but the placement of the shower head remains in the same place. The same effect goes for the toilets. Each toilet flushes a different way, I do not know if it is because there are so many brands and each one is different. The last cultural difference I noticed was how rude some of the people here are. While skiing and waiting in line to go up the lift to the slope multiple snowboarders would cut in-front of me. I do not know if they are just taking advantage of the respectful nature of Americans or they just did not care. Another incident of rudeness is when my ski fell off while on the slope a snowboarder helped me get my foot into the ski, but afterwords he said "you shouldn't ski" in a pretty harsh tone. I could see how it would annoy him that the whole group was falling all over the place, but I do not think that someone in the United States would say that. I do not know if it is because he was just annoyed with us, or he was just being rude because that's the nature of Europeans. I will be interested to see how my future travels will discover about the nature of Europeans.

Northern Greece

The northern Greece trip was amazing and I found it very interesting to be able to observe other Greek cultures. In Thessaloniki and in other cities I noticed how long the Greeks were at meals. From what I observed it seems that they might spend more time at meals than an average American. From a communication point of view it means that Greeks have longer and probably more quality conversations. In American culture a meal could be anywhere from a drive through fast food or maybe a quick sit down restaurant, it appears that in Greek culture there aren't many drive through places so for the most part the meal would be a sit down or walk by meal. I think it also strengthens the point that Greeks aren't as rushed and clock oriented as Americans are. I plan on continuing on my observations to see how Greeks view being on time as and if I see any drive throughs.

Cyprus Trip

The Cyprus trip was very relaxing and it was interesting to see how their culture acts compared to how Greek culture acts. The attribute I noticed the most is how much friendlier Cyprians are than Greeks. Everyone seemed to be smiling and a friendly smile was returned on the street. I think this might be due to the fact that Cyprus is more of a melting pot than most parts in Greece. By melting pot I mean that because Cyprus is a tourist destinations in most of the popular cities there will be more people from different places then say Porto Rafti. Because of this I think that the attitude is more friendlier in general and that may be due to the fact that its hard to be sad when you live next to a beautiful beach. I think this effects communication because it is easier to communicate with someone that is in general happier. It was also easy because Cyprus was once British occupied so that most things were in English. I enjoyed Cyprus and I am interested to see how Italians compare to the friendlier Cyprians.

Rome and Spring Break

I was able to observe many cultures in my travels but what I would like to focus on the most is the United Kingdom. In the UK the first observation I noticed is how well dressed everyone was just by walking on the street. Almost every guy had on a nice sports coat and looked well groomed and clean. This surprised me because in Athens there was all sorts of differently dressed people. I think I am more accustomed to people dressing nicely and being clean because back at the states everyone is more clean and put together. There is more money flowing in the United States and UK countries than say Greece. I think this has to do with communication because people that are dressed better and cleaner look more friendly and approachable. It also gives the impression of the individuals being put together. I also noticed that people were friendlier in the UK than in the places we have been like Greece. They were a lot more likely to help us with directions than someone in Greece and it makes me wonder what the effect of the quality of clothing has on the personality or confidence of the person who wears the clothes. I think during the two week free travel I will be able to see more cultures and I will observe the clothes that they were depending on how they interact with us.