Technology use in April

5th Grade Social Studies at RSES


ThinkBinder is a collaborative study tool that can be accessed at

Once on the website, students can join an existing group or create their own. Your child may be asked to create an account, but don't worry, the cost is free! ThinkBinder has several unique features including a collaborative whiteboard, text and video chat, file sharing capabilities, and a group calendar.

We have an end of unit exam for WWII coming up in two weeks. I have divided students into groups of four and asked that each group use ThinkBinder to study for the exam outside of class. If students use this tool to prepare for the exam, I am confident that they will do well! The use of a collaborative whiteboard, text, and video chat will make review fun! Sharing links, videos, and other documents will benefit students as they can learn from one another. The calendar feature allows students to document dates and times that they plan to meet.

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WallWisher is a collaborative tool that can be accessed at

To use it, I must first log in and customize the "wall" to display a question. Then, I will ask students to enter a given URL in their address bars so that they are able to access the wall. Finally, I will ask students to double click the screen, enter their names, and submit a comment that will then be visible to anyone on the website.

WallWisher will be used in our classroom to complete warm ups at the beginning of each period. These warm ups are often review. The tool enables me to note who has responded and what information they have retained. WallWisher will also be used in our classroom for brainstorming. For example, I may ask students to post something that they have learned previously about Adolf Hitler before explaining his involvement in WWII.

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Facebook is a social media website that enables users to create a profile, post pictures, message friends, and share general information with other people. I have decided to create a class Facebook page where I can post the dates of upcoming tests, quizzes, projects, and events. I will also use the page to request classroom supplies and volunteers when needed. If you have a Facebook, please feel free to friend me and message me with any concerns that you have! It is my hope that having a Facebook will improve parent-teacher communications.

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