hitlers youth

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The Hitler Youth, known in German as Hitler-Jugend (HJ), was founded in 1926, though it does go back a few years. Founded in 1919, which, in 1920, Hitler renamed it the national socailst germans workers party.In 1931,baulder von schirach was appointed Youth Leader and one of his goals was to unify all of the different nazi youth organizations.Hitler Youth membership made up 90 percent of the country’s youth.

Baulder von Shirach

Baulder von Schirach At the age of ten he became a member of the Young Germans' League where he developed racist views and in 1925 he joined NSDAP. In 1926 Schirach met Adolf Hitler who ended up liking him and advised him to move to Munich.In 1940, Schirach joined the German Army and won the Iron Cross in France. Baldur von Schirach died on August 8, 1974.

BDM (leauge of german girls)

It was the female branch of the Nazi party youth movement, the Hitler youth. At first, the League made up of two sections: the Young Girls League for girls ages 10 to 14.It didn't attract a lot of followers until the Nazis came to power.

beer hal putsch

in 1919, he joined the german workers party. 2 years later he was chairman of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.The party adopted an ancient religious emblem, the swastika as their symbol. Its objectives were to have state control over most of society, but its greater focus was on a foreign policy that focus on the creation of a Greater Germany.