Bridge to Terabithia


The author

Katherine Paterson was born in China, where spent part of her childhood. She is an american author who wrote a lot of children's novels. Her best known novels are Ms Paterson, The Master Puppetter, and The Great Gilly Hopkins, besides one of her best novels, Bridge to Terabithia. Katherine, has also won many awards for her books as the National Book award, The Newbery Medal , or the Allan Poe Special award, and another important medals and recognitions.
Katherine has treveled a lot during her career, she spent her education in China and in American South, and she has been in Japan for four years where she wrote her first three novels.

What is it about?

The book tells the story of Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke, two kids who create an imaginary world called Terabithia. They spend their spare time at this place where it happens many adventures created by the imagination of them. The real place is a wood that is located in the village surroundings where they try to escape of the real life, the school and their families.


First of all i have to say i like this book, i didn't expect much about the story i thought it was going to be the tipical children's novel and finally i have relly enjoied it. In my opinion this novel is a story for children but an adult can appreciate it because the book contain many ideas that can please him.
One of the things i would highlights about the book is the magic and the fantasy that transmit. But is a magic mixed with poetry, the story i think try to explain the imagination like an a valuable weapon that contains a lot of power that the characters use to escape of the real life. But the most important thing of the book is the way of transmit that, without use an exaggerated stories, or typical characters. The novel, for me, manages to express the value of the imagination.
The story and the characters are another things to highlight as well. One of them is Jesse Aarons, a quiet boy who lives in a countryside house. He has four sisters two of them are older and they are alway annoying and teasing him. His parents ignore him and they make him work a lot in the house, only his little sister (the most innocent character) wants to stay with him and follow him wherever he goes.
One day jess meet Leslie Burke at school, the new student. She is the opposite of him, a very extrovert kid who wear strange clothes, and tells a lot of fantasy sotries. In the beggining he ignores her but over time they start a little friendship, and in the end they find a place hide in the wood taht they decide to call Terabithia.
The most interesting thing is the way Leslie helps Jess to open his mind, and change the way to see the world. Jess likes draw, but his family don't apreciate his abilities, (for them is like waste the time), but with Leslie, this talent explode, and he start to draw the scenes that apeard in his mind when Leslie tells her fantasy stories. I like the way the book describes the nature of Leslie, (her imagination, power, etc.. ) and how jess has difficulty to follow the rhytm of her.
Terabithia is the place that they create in a wood near their home, they imagine that like a stronghold and they are the kings, they imagine a lot of stories here, where their imagination flood.
Finally i would like to say the novel is a story full of simple but magic details that can please an adult, and descriptions that explain with poetry a lot of events and characters of the book. Specially i like the way describes Terabithia like a kingdom hide in the woods where live the spirits that make it magic. I really appreciate this details that might be simples but for me full of charm as well. There is some magic and poetic in the descriptions of the book, very evocative, with simple vocabulary is capable of transmit the charm of the little world hide in the woods created by the two characters.


I've extraxted the vocabulary for me is interesting, because is repeated a lot in the book, and for another reason i've remarked in each word.

-yell : gritar, normally appear as shout or scream, but in this book always appear in this way. " you heard what momma said " Ellie yelled at his back

-grin: sonreir normally appear as smile or laugh, but in the novel appear in this form.
but May Belle was grinning at him, propped up on one elbow.

-as thought: como si this expresion appear a lot in the book, i think is a useful expresion to explain a comparison (normally about a person's behave, or intention to do something) Turner catching him hanging around the girls' room as thought he was somw kind of pervert or something.

-Lord: señor, dios This expresion is used when Jess talks or thinks about something, to remark his astonishment, appear a lot in the book.
... soft flaty voice that made Jess squish inside. Lord, she was gorgeous.

-ain't: no es (is not) shortened expresion that appear when some of the characters talks. "It ain't beautiful" May Belle broke in. "it's scary"

-gotta: tiene que another shortened expresion you gotta hold his rear with your left arm and swing with your right, you know.

-another informal words that are used a lot in the ambient of the kids.
-Sneakers deportivas
-giggling reirse a escondidas
-teasing molestar, burlarse de alguien
-dumb estúpido

-would: in the form we studied in class, past form. Before we studied i was very confused about the sentences the word appear, because this form of the verb appear a lot in the book. If he decided to show it to May Belle, he would have to explain the joke, bit once he did, she would laugh like a live audience on TV.


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