Kindergarten Highlights

May & June 2015

What's Happening in Kindergarten!

Word Study

We will continue to explore letter blends and how they differ from digraphs. Fun activities will help us to recognize the various blend sounds.
We will also learn about "tricky e" at the end of a word, and how it makes a short vowel in the beginning of the word "say its name."

Reading Workshop

We will continue to challenge ourselves with new reading books to share with our families and use our Reading Superpowers to solve problems as we encounter new words. We will review our word families with activities that will help us add new words to our writing word vocabulary.

Writing Workshop

We will begin our "All About..." books and move on to persuasive writing. Persuasive writing will include many activities such as book reports.

Social Studies

We will finish up the year by focusing on how our community fits into the world. We will talk about the states, our country as a whole, our continent, and all of the continents of the world.

May/June Notes

Show and Share resumes Tuesday, May 5th

* Spirit Week:

Monday, May 4 - Clash Day

Tuesday, May 5 - Holiday Day

Wednesday, May 6 - Formal Day

Thursday, May 7 - Pajama Day

Friday, May 8 - NFS Day

Dates to Remember:

May 4th through 8th - Spirit Week
May 7th - Pajama Day - Breakfast for Lunch served to all students (waffles, sausage, fruit & juice)
May 8th - Book Fair
May 9th - Alumni and Family Day - Book Fair
May 14th - Field Day
May ? - Trip to UNO - Date TBA
May 28th - Kindergarten Book Celebration
May 25th - School Closed - Memorial Day
June 9th - Last day of school - NOON DISMISSAL