Summer Learning Opportunities

Ideas and tools to engage your child throughout the summer

Fun Ways to Engage Students During the Summer

Tech Tools for Summer Learning


DogoNews is a collection of current events for kids. Lots of images, videos, and critical thinking opportunities.
Wonderopolis gives students an opportunity to explore a wonder every day. Great way to learn new vocabulary, explore curiosity, and engage in STEM and literacy-based activities. Check out Camp Wonderopolis for sure. The theme this year is Flex Your Wonder. is a great place for students to visit during the summer. This website includes a list of skills and then offers challenges to be completed for badges. They will also offer summer courses. Great way to encourage creativity and innovation.

Camp Google

Camp Google is AWESOME! It's a great way for students to explore science-related topics and learn from experts.

Maker Camp

Maker camp is a great way for kids to get their hands dirty. They feature videos and instructions for making cool things that kids absolutely love!

Start with a Book

Themed books and activities for summer reading and learning. teaches students coding from the most basic of lessons to the more intense, complicated lessons. Great way for students to practice critical thinking and creativity as they learn how to make computer programs work.