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Principal's Message - FEBRUARY 2022

Social Media (i.e. FaceBook & Twitter) is GREAT for advertising school events and spreading correct, school-issued information. Unfortunately, it is NOT the best source of correct information for school issues when info is posted by others. If you are curious about specific school issues, please call or e-mail us directly and we’ll provide honest/transparent answers: Feel free to contact us directly by e-mail, or by phone:

John Strembitsky, Principal:

Kris Horb, Assistant Principal:

Sue Werner, Assistant Principal:

Elmer Gish School is proud to offer TWO Programs: GLOBAL & COGITO. Our excellent “Global” Program is the regular English program, with many other advantages that other schools do not have. We feature flexible seating, extensive technology, cooperative learning, project-based group work, learning centers, etc., as well as regular group instruction. Another advantage of Gish School’s Global Program is relatively low pupil-teacher ratio, compared to Cogito, and schools in the rest of the division and province. We can enrich and challenge high achievers, as well as provide remediation and extra help for students who are achieving below grade level. Gish School and the St. Albert Public School Division are committed to continuing to provide the Global Program for K-6 students in Akinsdale and Pineview at Elmer Gish School. We have some room in the Global Program to accept students from outside of St. Albert as well.

Gish “Cogito” is also a very popular Program. Normally, the only entry point is Kindergarten, though we do occasionally accept new students at other grades, based on a pre-assessment to determine if individual students and the Cogito Program are a good match for each other.

We are gearing up for our Kindergarten Open House on Wednesday, February 9 starting at 6:00pm. Unfortunately, we are not able to host an in-person experience. Instead, we will host a VIRTUAL Open House, and will feature ample time for parents to interact with Kindergarten teachers. From 6:10-6:35pm, Mrs. Lemire will present and answer questions about the GLOBAL Program, and Mrs. Soprovich will host the COGITO presentation and answer questions from 6:35-7:00pm. Administrators will also present for the entire time, and will also answer specific questions after 7:00pm. Parents are welcome to remain as long as they’d like to.


6:00-6:10pm: Admin. Intro.

6:10-6:35pm: GLOBAL Presentation and Q & A: Daneka Lemire

6:35-7:00pm: COGITO Presentation and Q & A: Katrina Soprovich

7:00-on…: Admin. Q & A

Virtual Open House link:

After completing the “Request to Register Form,” parents will be contacted to set up an assessment/visit with Kindergarten teachers. First priority is for students who live in St. Albert. Second priority is for students who have siblings already at Gish School. Third priority is for families who live outside of St. Albert. We want to get to know your child. No matter where students live, in order for students to be accepted into the Cogito Program, students have to satisfy the criteria on the assessment.

Gish School continues to work our way through the COVID-19 global pandemic. We have provided weekly updates to nearly 2500 parents/guardians for the past few months. We believe that Gish School continues to be a safe place for students and staff. This week, we are looking forward to resuming our extracurricular junior high basketball games with other schools. Unfortunately, we are still not permitted to have visitors, parent volunteers, or spectators in schools. Thank you for your understanding, and for helping to keep everyone safe.

ALL COVID-19 Test Kits have been sent home; we have none left. We intend to keep masks at Gish School for students to use. Unfortunately, we have no knowledge when the additional test kits will be distributed to schools. Some schools in other jurisdictions have not received their first shipments yet! As soon as our school division and Gish School receives additional test kits, we will send them home with your children.

John Strembitsky, Kris Horb, Sue Werner

Elmer Gish School’s Administrative Team

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