World Vision Australia

Donate a Coin for People in Need

How does World Vision help?

World Vision provides relief in emergency situation and works on long-term commiunity development projects.

How can you help World Vision?

In order to process, children need to grow up in an envrionment that provides needs for them. Now you can help by sponsoring a child today. You can give a gold coin to any boy or girl that need help. The boys and girls are in diffrent countires.

Interesting Facts about World Vison Australia

World Vision works in more than 90 countries, employs 22,500 staff and has on annual budget in excess of US$1.5 billion.

World Vision Australia is the nation's largest charity group.

World Vision helps more than 20 million people every year.

More Australians give more money to World Vision than any other charity in thr country.

World Vsion's latest project

World Vision's latest project is to donate a gold coin to children in Syria. Children in Syria may not have a education and may not return to school.