Contemporary Framework Analysis

Analysis of an artwork

Analysis of an artwork that you have not seen before

STEP ONE: Look at the image of the artwork details provided.
What is the name of the artist?
Does the title of the artwork give any clues as to the messages and meanings in this artwork?
What is the date of the artwork?
Where is it exhibited or installed?
What description of the work or artistic concept have you been given that will allow you to describe the artwork in contemporary terms such as a video installation or a site specific installation?

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STEP TWO: Briefly introduce the artwork to show you understand the artform and the date it was produced by the artist and a brief description of subject matter. Give a brief description of the matters you will be discussing that are relevant under the Contemporary Framework.

STEP THREE: Discuss the ways in which the production of the artwork and/or the subject matter of the artwork display elements of Contemporary Art practice and/or which may challenge the traditional understanding of the art object. Look for and discuss the following where applicable:

the use of techniques and materials

the use of mixed media and mixed techniques

the use of digital manipulation and printing

the use of installation as an artform

the use of the moving image and sound

the heavy reliance on concept rather than form

the level of interactivity or participation by viewers

the use of appropriation as an artistic strategy

the delegation of production tasks and issues around artistic authorship

the site of the artwork and how this challenges the traditional method of displaying art in galleries.

STEP FOUR: Discuss whether the artwork requires a viewer to engage in new ways of experiencing art as compared with the traditional mode of viewing passively at an object on a wall or on a pedestal in a gallery.

STEP FIVE: Discuss your own interpretation of the meanings and messages in the artwork and the possible interpretations other viewers might develop based on different cultural perspectives such as nationality, level of art education, gender, age or racial or ethnic identity. Remember that under contemporary art ideas and theory the interpretation of meaning in an artwork is never fixed and can never be solely determined by the artist.

Key discussion points - Contemporary Framework

The Contemporary Framework

The Contemporary Framework provides a way of looking at artworks in light of contemporary art ideas and questions how these ideas change our perception of what is considered art and how we are expected to understand and view art.

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