Auto Mechanic

by jacob delafuente

How do you become a Auto Mechanic

You can become a Auto Mechanic by attending to a school for Auto Mechanics like UTI, Lincoln Tech, and Wyo Tech, there are many others to choose from, But those are some of the ways you can be a Auto Mechanic

Education level needed

the requirements to become a auto mechanic is that you have to have a high school diploma and if you want a higher pay you could get a two year associates degree.

Certification or testing requirments

A postsecondary training, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency specifies licenses for all auto mechanics who handle refrigerants

Salary Range

A average yearly salary is about 45,000 or per a hour is about 18.50 $

Length of time to complete requirments

it takes about 6 to 12 months to get your post secondary training