What was the tittle again?

Presque vu (tip of the tongue) by Alex and Cory

Why we chose presque vu

Presque vu is a worldwide issue that occurs to almost everyone. As such, it would be great to shed light on the issue.

What is presque vu (tip of the tongue)

Presque vu is similar to Deja's vu but the difference is that presque vu or tip of the tongue is where the limbic system is trying to recall a word ( movie title, actors name ,ect...) by pulling up similiar words until the right word or name is found.

Other theories on presque vu

- if happens constantly it could be a sign dyslexia or anomic aphasia.

Top illustrations of presque vu


Research, & psychologist on presque vu

Roger brown & David McNeil

- they wrote a series of research journals on presque vu and their experiments

-they read the definitions of strange and uncommon words and told them to name the word that was described to the participants and everyone remembered what the definition was but not the word itself.

Other interesting facts on presque vu

-In French presque vu means "almost seen"

-And usually if it occurs it won't be remembered for the duration of that event

-This is heavily associated with Deja vu and Jamai vu

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